“Diane has been working with my daughter for several years, and I have participated in a few sessions.  I have been so impressed with Diane’s skills as a therapist that I recommended her to a good friend who needed counseling after experiencing several deaths in her family.  Diane’s work with both my daughter and friend has been professional, pragmatic, and effective.  She is compassionate but practical, supportive but clear about accountability.  She teaches her clients to use tools and techniques that are functional in the real world.  I think very highly of Diane and would recommend her again without hesitation.  I trust Diane with my daughter.  As a mother, that says it all.”       ~ female, age 52

“The best way for me to describe Diane’s therapy style is that it’s a guided process, meaning that I choose various things I want to work on, and Diane guides me through them, suggesting various strategies, helping me think through things from different perspectives.  It feels like we work together.  In the following sessions, then, I “check in” with Diane and we talk about how it’s going, and then we make adjustments.  Diane is there to help me through the process.  I never feel judged.  I never feel like I’m failing.  Diane never tells me what to do.  Diane supports me through whatever I choose to bring into our sessions.  I feel so fortunate to have a strong, working relationship with Diane.”      ~ female, age 21

“I started going to therapy the summer after my freshman year in college  I didn’t feel depressed or any of those other stereotypical reasons that people assume others go to therapy for.  I started going because I didn’t like the way I was feeling/thinking about myself most of the time.  I went because I wanted to change that part of me that didn’t feel good.  So therapy to me, means help.  It’s constructive.  Its’ not just me “talking about my problems,” it’s me working through things with Diane’s help.  It’s not someone else telling me if I’m right or wrong.  It’s not someone else asking me “How do you feel about that?”  Therapy is about having the personal will to seek out help from someone, and to welcome that hard work into your life.  Therapy isn’t easy, both when you’re in and out of the sessions.  It’s hard work that is totally worth it!” ~ female, age 21

“Through supervision with Diane, I’ve become able to feel more confident in my skills and trust myself more as a clinician.  Diane has taught me not only how to expand upon my knowledge base but to understand how my personal values and beliefs play into my role as a therapist.  Diane’s gentle style has helped me to find my place within the therapeutic world and I’m grateful to be able to learn from her.”  ~ LPC Supervisee, age 27